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Unitrainer Balance Cycle
Unicycle Riding Trainer

The advantages of the Unitraner include:

Unfortunately, my patent application failed. Evidently there was prior art that I could not have found before I applied. So the whole project is on hold at this point. I do have a number of prototypes that I'll probably be using to start at part-time unicycle riding school or workshops some time in the future. So at least all my hard work will benefit a few people!
Thanks go out to all the people that have contacted me in the past, hoping to purchase a Unitrainer. Sorry they are not yet available on the market!

David Kano
603 298-9882 (U.S. Eastern Time Zone)


Unitrainer Overview

The video below shows and describes the basic features of the Unitrainer hardware. A version with simple non-articulating handlebars is shown. The how to use video below shows another version with the fancy articulating handlebars.

Rose's First Session on the Unitrainer

The video below shows the highlights from a 45 - 50 minute beginner session. By the end she had started to learn the forward and backward balance skill which is the most challenging aspect of beginner riding.

The prototype she used has proven to be more challenging than some of the other versions of the invention to learn to steer and balance from side-to-side. It took Rose about 20 minutes to master starting up and manuevering, as compared to the 5 minutes or so it took for other riders to get to the same stage on an earlier prototype.

How to Use the Unitrainer

The video below explains the basic steps for using the Unitrainer which has the adjustable articulated handlebars. Note that although the two videos on this page show different prototypes, they have the same basic features and geometry, that are just implemented with different frame designs.

Unicycle Steering Simulation

The video below shows how the Unitrainer teaches one method of steering a unicycle.